Privet, Hello, and Ciao!

My name is Larisa Mamonova and I am a Graphic Designer, lost and directionless artist, and now a wannabe blogger. I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia till I was 16, then my parents decided to move to the US, and I did a lot of growing up in San Diego, California. In my late 20’s I moved to Los Angeles for school, and now my fate brought me to Trento, Italy.

Below are few things about why I decided to start this blog.

How did I end up in Italy?

Tobias & I in Las Vegas, day after we got married | Neon Museum | January 3rd, 2016

Well, I moved to Los Angeles, there I met and fell in love with a handsome European at a dive bar, and after 3 years of dating this incredible man he asked me if I’d move to Italy….. Hell yes!!!! I said yes! Who would say no? I mean, I did have an amazing career going for myself back in LA, I loved my life, I had a wonderful social life…. But Italy! C’mon, it’s Italy! Without taking even a minute to think about it I said YES. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I guess as good as that one other time I decided to go to a bar, by myself, to get a beer after my waitressing shift was over and ended up meeting my future husband. More about that later ūüėČ

Why start a blog?

In Florence for my 32nd birthday | October 2015

SO, here I’ll be writing about my life, experience moving to Italy, travel adventures, and probably about a¬†bunch of other fun stuff. I have always wanted to write, and this is my time to get over my insecurities, as my friend put it “It’s a great way to thicken your skin and if people don’t like it then they shouldn’t look”. I have lots to tell you, and show you, with much passion and lots of spelling mistakes. So hope you’ll stick around and find some of this useful, entertaining, or best case scenario inspiring.

Why “Woke up in Trento”?


Trento is where I live now. Ii is a city located in the Trentino-Alto Adige region of Northen Italy. The first few weeks after I moved here I felt like I was in a haze; like I was high and imagining¬†everything. I went on walks and took photos like crazy. I was inspired, fascinated¬†and enchanted by everything in this city. I truly¬†felt like I was dreaming, I dreamt all my life of living in Europe some day,¬†preferably in a very romantic place and here I was, living my dream. ¬†Back then I created a photo album on my Facebook page to share all the photos I have been taking while feeling high from excitement, and I called it “Woke up in Trento”. To be honest, I was doing crazy research about blog naming and had six or seven other options, but the original feeling I had when I moved to Italy and so many things have changed in my life couldn’t have been described better than “Woke up in Trento”